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A lot of people have a misunderstanding of the concept of Digital Marketing or so- it also E-Marketing -, let’s start with the definition first , 7 Minute Money¬†Digital is the use of digital technology in marketing any was whether existing at the present time , such as computers and smartphones and the Internet , or will be invented in the future , for example, what has recently such as watches and smart glasses smart or maybe something we do not know about it will appear in the near future
If digital marketing or mail is a big umbrella is located beneath dozens of techniques and channels that are used for marketing, for example, marketing via e-mail or through social networks or via smartphones or through search engines or through what online stores electronic that has a physical presence on the ground or not
E-marketing is the umbrella and there are dozens of ways and channels that serve this area , we now know that what we start , or how to learn e-marketing and to enter into this world , and the most important question is do I have to learn all these methods and channels? The answer is of course not
The best way to enter the world of digital marketing is over quickly identify all the roads and canals and find out how and when and where it is used , then you have to specialize in one of them and probably is your choice on the tools and methods and channels most influential currently or perhaps most appropriate to the nature of what Todd marketed and you option in the mastery of all of this if you can , although this is impossible , for example email marketing is one of the most famous , but it is also a little influence now , as it is estimated the proportion of interacting with this marketing including no more than 0.6% when the target the general public and may be up to 40% when they target a specific audience , and particularly , for example, through newsletters subscribers are out , and at the same time has its mechanisms and tools and methods that should be used to achieve the maximum benefit and the spread is a big world in itself , may not be exaggerating if I say that Learn everything you need him to months of work and study and experiment and processing
Also the case if we say that the more roads and widespread digital channels and currently is the impact of social networking , it is also the world ‘s largest as many channels and each of these channels need for strategies and mechanisms and tools of their own to make the most of them
The other question , is it enough specialization in one of the channels and methods of electronic marketing ? Unfortunately the answer is no , process electronic marketing integrated process interlinked with all the channels , audience target is not found in one place and a way to influence it and interact with it vary according to location , who is in it and every marketing campaign you need because the diversity in the methods used , with greater emphasis on one or more of ways and this does not mean to ignore or minimize the importance of the rest of the channels, and even if the impact is less , in the end you are looking for to achieve your goals you need to integrate these channels with each other to enhance your visibility and your name and your marketing message

I’ll stop here and I will talk on the 7 Minute Money¬†subject later about some of the most important and more ways and channels of digital marketing widespread and influential , with the knowledge that this issue may extend to become the series as the position can not be covered in this form of the abbreviation that until we tried